Mount Pleasant Vice Mayor apologizes for controversial Facebook post


Mount Pleasant Vice Mayor Amy Perschbacher removed a Monday morning Facebook post after sparking criticism among users. 

The post was an image of a 'Thin Blue Line flag' being peeled back to reveal a black swastika in front of a white circle on a red background. Perschbacher said the post was provided without context and has since apologized.

Amy Perschbacher

The image was shared and drew immediate criticism from Facebook users.

Perschbacher responded to criticism in an email statement provided to media outlets:

"I am sure you have heard and/or seen my Facebook post of the blue line flag. I can understand how this was taken out of context considering I did not give any.  I have family that are law enforcement and military. I respect anyone that is willing to make that career choice as it comes with levels of danger that most are not willing to take on.

With that said, I wanted you to know the meaning behind my post. I was at no time disrespecting law enforcement or military. I was referring to the attempted coup where individuals, carrying flags of blue line, confederate, and Nazi symbols, attacked our nation's capital and law enforcement, killing one officer. To those individuals the blue line flag is nothing. They use it to state they are "Law and Order" but in reality they are individuals who do not respect not one person who thinks or looks differently from them; whether in uniform or not."

City officials acknowledged Perschbacher's post on the city's official Facebook page later in the afternoon: