EDITORIAL: Learn while celebrating Black History Month


Throughout the whirlwind that was 2020, one thing rang clear -- many know little about the day-to-day lives of Black Americans.

Each year February is recognized as Black History Month. It's a month-long celebration dedicated to honoring the contributions and presence of African Americans in the United States. It also offers everyone a chance to learn more about the struggles Black Americans have fought to – and still fight to – overcome.

This year, the Office of Multicultural Academic Student Services is hosting virtual events beginning Feb. 2. The seminars focus on aspects of Black families.

In addition to attending events this month, we encourage you to take this month to read history through the words of African American authors. Learn about their struggles and, perhaps more importantly, their triumphs.

History matters. Be part of that conversation on the Black American experience during an important time in our nation's history.