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Pulitzer Prize winning author of 'Maus' to speak to students

Photo courtesy of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Science's Critical Engagement page

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences annual Critical Engagement series is following the theme ‘What Does it Mean to be Human?’ for the 2020-21 academic year.

Starting off the series will be Pulitzer Prize winner Art Spiegelman, author and illustrator of “Maus” at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 18 via WebEx.

“Maus” is a graphic novel, published in 1991, about the story of Spiegelman’s father’s experiences in the Holocaust. He portrays Jews as mice and Germans as cats.

After several years of refusing to discuss his book, Spiegelman is speaking up about modern day events that reflect what led up to the Holocaust. 

Instead of giving a lecture, Spiegelman will be interviewed by Kelly Murphy of the Philosophy and Religion Department. 

Murphy will ask questions submitted prior to the event via an online submission form. The morning following the event, Spiegelman will join a group of 25 readers to openly discuss Maus.

“I would say of the speakers we've had come to CMU, this is one, I think I might be the most excited about in my 17 years of being here,” said Christi Brookes, director of academic initiatives and co-chair of creative engagements. “We've had plenty of great folks, but I think, given what's happening in the world right now with questions over immigration, outright genocide happening right now, this is a pretty, pretty big deal.”