CRIME LOG: Man arrested for concealing multiple firearms and drug paraphernalia


A Mount Pleasant Police Department car sits outside Walmart on Dec. 12.

The following incidents were among those handled by the Central Michigan University Police Department and Mount Pleasant Police Department from Feb. 16 to Feb. 28.

Feb. 16

A 19-year-old man visited CMU Parking Services with a parking issue at approximately 2 p.m.  CMUPD officers checked the Vehicle Identification Number and found that his Dodge Challenger was reported stolen out of Detroit. The man said he did not know the vehicle was stolen. He had exchanged a BMW for the Challenger with a Facebook Marketplace user. This case is still open and pending review by the Prosecutor's office.

Feb. 18

An 18-year-old woman reported being sexually assaulted in Northwest Apartments to CMUPD. She reported she was assaulted by a 20-year-old man in his apartment at 2 a.m. Feb 16. This investigation is ongoing, and the case remains open.

Officers took a 31-year-old man to McLaren Central Hospital at around 2:30 be treated for minor stab-wound injuries and he was then released. A 33-year-old man was considered the suspect in this assault and was arrested. This targeted incident happened on Fessenden Ave. and had no risk to the public. This investigation is currently active and the case is still open.

A suicide attempt made by a 23-year-old man on Garwood St. was investigated at around 4:30 a.m. by city police. The man's 26-year-old brother and 60-year-old father reported the incident. Officers entered and found that the man's arms were bandaged from attempting to cut himself. An ambulance arrived for the man who received medical attention and a mental health evaluation. 

Feb. 25

A 19-year-old woman at Celani Hall reported a scam incident to CMUPD officers around 7 p.m. The woman answered a phone call from someone claiming to be U.S. Social Security Administration. The caller told her that her social security number would be suspended if she did not pay a fee for a warrant out for her arrest. He instructed her to buy gift cards and send photos of the scratched-off gift cards to him. The woman spent around $1,600.

Feb. 26

A 24-year-old woman was pulled over by CMUPD at approximately 4 p.m. on West Campus Drive. She was driving 57 mph in a 35 mph zone. Her vehicle had a fake plate and was uninsured. The woman's car was towed, and she was written a citation for driving without insurance. 

A 21-year-old woman reported a fraud incident to CMUPD at approximately 5 p.m. out of Northwest Apartments. She said she thought she was helping an acquaintance who needed money to pay for a ticket. The woman gave her bank account information and $2,200 in fraudulent transactions. This case is still open.

Feb. 27 

CMUPD dispatch received a suspicious situation in Lot 52 outside of Emmons Hall at approximately 8 a.m. A 22-year-old man had reportedly been sitting in his car and honking the horn for about 10 minutes while speaking to a 20-year-old woman. She got into his vehicle, and he immediately drove his car into a snowbank. When officers responded, the pair, who were in a relationship, said they were both fine, so CMUPD left the scene. Approximately an hour after CMUPD first responded, a different witness flagged down an officer and said she saw the couple fighting. Officers told the man to leave campus, and the report was turned over to the Prosecutor's office. 

An 18-year-old woman was arrested for domestic violence, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, disorderly conduct and abuse of 911 by MPPD. MPPD responded to a domestic violence situation after the woman’s grandfather reported she was assaulting her boyfriend. As officers arrived at around 3 a.m. at Livingston Street, the woman was found in a running motor vehicle in the driveway. She blew .14 Preliminary Breath Test (PBT) The woman's 20-year-old boyfriend said he was kicked four or five times and was scratched. Prior to the situation, the woman contacted 911 repeatedly asked the hotline to speak with her mother and her attorney. 

At almost 10 p.m. an MPPD officer witnessed a Ford Escape attempting to leave the O’Kelly’s parking lot. The vehicle came to a quick stop and almost fell off the parking lot’s ledge before correcting its driving. The incident occurred on South Washington Street and Broomfield Street. The officer made the traffic stop and the 22-year-old male driver admitted to drinking one beer approximately two hours prior. Sobriety tests indicated the man had a PBT of .12 percent blood alcohol level. The driver was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated. 

Feb. 28

City police guided a 59-year-old man to Community Mental Health after conducting a traffic stop at around 1 p.m. The officer discovered the man had a warrant out of Saginaw. 

At 4:30 p.m., an MPPD officer conducted a traffic stop on E Broadway Road and S Isabella Road. The vehicle did not have a registration plate and did not have a front left headlight assembly. The 46-year-old man did not have a valid driver’s license and the vehicle did not have insurance. Upon searching the vehicle officers found various knives, handgun and rifle rounds, bags consistent with narcotic packaging, two glass smoking pipes, and many objects with residue that tested positive for methamphetamine. The man was arrested for No Insurance, Driving While License Suspended 2nd, Carrying Concealed Weapons, Possession of Methamphetamine and Felon in Possession of Ammunition.