Two local restaurants temporarily close due to COVID-19 concerns


The exterior of Summit Smokehouse as seen on March 2 at 3068 Jen's Way.

Two Mount Pleasant restaurants announced temporary closures on social media because of COVID-19 this past week. 

Green Spot Pub, 808 N. Mission St. first announced on March 24 it would close for two days after a staff member tested positive for COVID-19. The Irish pub extended its closure until April 1 after a second staff member tested positive.

Green Spot updated its clientele through social media posts.

Similarly, Summit Smokehouse, 3068 Jens Way, announced it would be closed "until further notice" because of a potential COVID-19 exposure.

"There is no playbook, we are choosing the health and safety of our staff and community," a March 31 Facebook post read. "The Mount Pleasant community is not new to these temporary shutdowns and we know that once we reopen, our community will continue to take care of us."

Screenshot of Summit Smokehouse March 31 Facebook post

The temporary closures of both restaurants are in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) policy regarding actions to slow the spread of COVID. 

The CDC recommends that if a restaurant employee is sick, they should be separated from customers and other employees. It also recommends closing off areas used by someone showing symptoms and prohibiting them from use until those areas can be cleaned and sanitized. 

According to the Fired up For Spring page, CMU reported 77 new coronavirus cases since March 15 - the largest spike in cases since November.