MP City Link aims to connect, educate Mount Pleasant residents

Courtesy Photo | City of Mount Pleasant

The city of Mount Pleasant established a mobile app in 2017 that allows individuals to report non-emergency issues to city staff with just a click of a button.

The free mobile app, MP City Link, allows users to submit a description, photo and location of an issue located in the city. This allows for problems such as potholes or street light outages to be resolved effectively.

“With smartphones, tablets and online services playing an increased role in our daily lives especially this past year due to COVID-19, MP City Link is an easy way for residents to stay informed of city happenings, as well as report non-emergency issues easily and efficiently,” Mount Pleasant Director of Public Relations Darcy Orlik said. 

To submit an issue, the user must perform the following steps:

  1. Select the report tab
  2. Ensure that the issue is within the city limits and either mark the map with the issue’s location or type the address in directly. 
  3. Press next
  4. Select the appropriate service request category from the drop down menu
  5. Provide the title of the issue. Providing a description and/or photo is optional. 
  6. Press submit

After all of the information is submitted, the appropriate city division or department will review and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue. Users can also view other requests through the app’s marked-up map. 

Not only does this app allow individuals to report issues, but it also provides other features. Some of these features include the ability to learn about city news and events, perform online payments of utility bills and parking tickets, register online for parks and recreation activities, contact city staff and much more. 

Mount Pleasant connects with its residents through channels such as its blog, eNewsletters, social media channels, community information phone line, website and more. MP City Link is “yet another communication option available” for residents, Orlik said. 

The ultimate goal of the app is to allow residents the ability to gain access to knowledge and direct communication with the city. Through this app, city officials such as City Manager Nancy Ridley hope residents can achieve this. 

“We hope that residents will have information on city services, events, and payment options readily available on their mobile devices,” Ridley said. “We also expect that the ability to report concerns about city equipment or infrastructure and tracking the response will be helpful for some residents.”

MP City Link can be downloaded on Androids and iPhones through Google Play and the App Store.