Student-only Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine clinic to open on campus


Bandaids and other medical equipment sit on a table Feb. 17 during a COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Finch Fieldhouse.

In an email to the campus community on April 9, President Bob Davies announced that Central Michigan University is opening a student-only Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine clinic.

"Together with our partners in the Central Michigan District Health Department, we will soon host an additional vaccination clinic, designed specifically for our students, on our campus," Davies said in the email. "We expect to have capacity to vaccinate up to 2,900 students with the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine."

Appointments will be first-come, first-serve.

Information regarding dates, times and registration links will be available next week. The location of the student-only clinic was not specified.

Davies also addressed the rising number of COVID-19 cases on CMU’s campus, referencing the New York Times daily monitoring update on April 7, which listed Mount Pleasant first on a list of fastest rising COVID-19 cases.

Mount Pleasant has since moved down the list but the number of reported cases on CMU’s campus continues to be the highest they have been in the spring semester.

In his email, Davies stressed that the total number of cases so far in the Spring 2021 semester, approximately 300, comes out to over 2 percent of the total campus, with no hospitalizations.

“Those numbers pale in comparison to cities whose numbers began in the thousands and continued to climb,” Davies said in the email. “And, in both the total number of cases and the cases-per-capita basis, Isabella County’s numbers continue to be significantly lower than those elsewhere in the state.”