Green Tree Co-op Market to hold grand opening for new location tomorrow


Produce lines the shelves of Green Tree Cooperative Grocery's new location at 410 W. Broadway on Dec. 8.

Green Tree Co-op Market's grand opening at 410 W. Broadway is this Friday, Feb. 4, and Saturday, Feb. 5. Customers should expect sales, giveaways and free "swag" available for the opening. 

The new location is open seven days a week from 7 a.m until 9 p.m. offering a bigger space for more opportunities, Sarah Christensen, general manager of Green Tree Co-op, said. 

“We had reached capacity at our previous store,” Christensen said. “So we just we knew we didn't have enough space to keep growing, and we wanted to be able to offer more products and services to our customers that they've been asking for.”

The new store has been in business since its ribbon-cutting in December. This weekend's festivities is to celebrate its official completion. 

New services offered include outdoor dining in the summers, and indoor dining all year round.

The store's produce and meat department have also expanded allowing more variety, Christensen said. 

“We substantially increased our deli or prepared foods offering. We have a hot bar and salad bar that's open seven days a week from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and we have sushi that's made fresh daily," Christensen said. 

Not only has the store expanded its products, but it has also created a more accessible experience for customers. 

“We have wider aisles and a parking lot that has handicapped accessibility and sliding doors, and so I think it's physically more accessible as well," Christensen said.

Green Tree's primary focus is on natural and organic foods — including local and fair trade products. 

“We have some local stuff in produce year-round,” Christensen said. “I think right now it's limited to, like, onions and maybe a couple of squash varieties, but in the summer our produce department will be up to like 35% local.”

Green Tree is a cooperative grocery store meaning there are opportunities for customers to purchase a “share” which entails ownership of the co-op, Christensen said. 

Shares cost $30 a year for seven years or $210 in total. 

For more information about shares or the new Green Tree Co-op location visit its website