'Outstanding' – Trustee Chair Studley praises Davies' leadership, announces pay increase and performance bonus

Central Michigan University President Bob Davies and Board of Trustees Chair Richard Studley attend the formal session Feb. 17 in the Bovee University Center President's Conference Room.

"Outstanding," "above average" and "very good" and are all words Central Michigan University Board of Trustees Chair Richard Studley used to describe the survey results that make up President Bob Davies' performance review.

The Presidential Assessment Committee, comprised of Studley and his fellow trustees Isaiah Oliver and Robert Wardrop, compiled a report to review Davies performance and shared it at the Feb. 17 Board of Trustees meeting.

As a part of the presidential assessment used to evaluate Davies' past three years on campus, a survey was sent out to 387 "university stakeholders." Out of those who received the survey, 193 individuals filled out the assessment, making the response rate 49.9 percent.

Studley said that Davies' results were especially high in four key areas. These areas include his commitment to CMU, work to foster and strength a diverse community on campus, respect for and appreciation of input from stakeholders and, lastly, advocating for the university within our state and region.

"One area of concern acknowledged in the survey – one that we have discussed with the President and the cabinet and routinely at meetings over the past year – is the challenge we face in terms of declining enrollment," Studley said.

Due to the positive outcomes of the assessment, Studley announced that Davies is receiving a pay increase.

"The Presidential Assessment Committee and the Board of Trustees unanimously agreed that after three years of receiving no increase in base salary it was time to make an appropriate adjustment," Studley said. "We have approved an increase in President Davies' base salary of $415,000 a year to $450,000 a year."

Before the pay increase, Davies was one of the lowest paid university presidents in the region and Mid-American Conference. In addition to his 8.4 percent salary increase, Davies will be receiving a one-time performance bonus of $75,000. Performance-based bonuses are also available to him for the remainder of his contract.

"The president is eligible for an incentive bonus of up to $100,000 this year," Studley said. "Sixty percent of it is for excellent work in traditional areas and 40 percent of that is for outstanding above average performance in areas of high priority."

Trustees did not discuss any of the campus controversies of the past year, including student complaints about campus dining, faculty concerns about Davies' participation in shared governance, the failed website launch, the $550,000 spent on the investigation of university employees that was based on unfounded reports from a Lansing reporter, an investigation into problems in the Honors Program, the mistaken scholarship awards that gained national attention last month or the one-year, nearly 2,000 student enrollment decline announced this fall

Faculty Association President Amanda Garrison shared her concerns regarding Davies' raise and bonus with Central Michigan Life

"My question is how can we be sure the board measured this properly? $75,000 is salaries for two fixed-term faculty with benefits," Garrison said. "When faculty get a promotion, we have to show the work we've produced and apply for it. Where can we see the achievements Davies has made to earn this raise?"

The Central Michigan University Presidential Assessment Committee Report was discussed at the Feb. 17 Board of Trustees meeting.