Doozie's Ice Cream Place set to open April 1


People line up outside of Doozie's Ice Cream Place on their opening day in 2019.

Doozie's Ice Cream Place, 1310 E Pickard Rd, is set to open for the season on Friday, April 1 with weather permitting. 

The local ice cream shop found its start in Mount Pleasant in 1985.

Owner of Doozie's Ice Cream Place, Clyde Dosenberry, is expecting a normal turnout for the start of this season estimating 300 to 400 customers. 

Customers can expect new flavors of hard ice cream and arctic swirls this season. 

Some of these flavors will include a new blackberry hard ice cream and a new arctic swirl flavor that aims to honor one of Mount Pleasant’s well-known families, the LaFleurs. 

Denny and Kristi LaFleur have been teachers and coaches in the Mount Pleasant community for decades. Both of their sons are coaches in the National Football League. Matt LaFleur is the head coach of the Green Bay Packers, while Mike LaFleur is the offensive coordinator for the New York Jets. 

Doozie's Ice Cream Place plans to honor the family by making a new arctic swirl flavor that incorporates the color of both football teams. 

The arctic swirl will have green and white for the New York Jets and green and yellow-gold for the Green Bay Packers. Flavors for the colors are not yet finalized. 

Dosenberry recommends arctic swirls to new customers. He is excited for the new flavors, as well as being able to see the young people that will be working there again. 

“I just enjoy seeing the people and the friendships that you kind of build over the years,” Dosenberry says. “I hope people enjoy the ice cream again this year.”