President Davies has not completed formal performance reviews for his cabinet


CMU president Bob Davies at an introductory press conference for new AD Amy Folan on Sept. 22, 2019 in Kelly/Shorts Stadium.

Each year, Central Michigan University employees receive formal performance reviews, which include self-assessments and an evaluation from their supervisor. 

President Bob Davies has not conducted any formal performance reviews of the members of his cabinet while at CMU, although that process is outlined in the university's Senior Officer Handbook.

"The evaluation process starts at the beginning of the fiscal year with the employee and their supervisor agreeing on primary responsibilities and goals for the following year," the CMU Senior Officer Handbook reads on page 12. "A mid-year discussion is encouraged. A year-end evaluation must be completed on all employees."

University Communications Director Aaron Mills said there are no performance evaluations for any of the members of President Davies' Cabinet in CMU’s online system "because President Davies handles reviews differently, as per the 'right to make exceptions or modifications to this handbook' statement from page 1."

According to an official university statement, Davies and his cabinet uses "a year-round coaching model." Within this framework, Davies and the cabinet vice presidents meet weekly to discuss "to discuss progress towards key strategic initiatives and goals."

"The president’s view is that performance evaluations should be conducted regularly so that day-to-day progress can be measured more meaningfully than once a year," the official university statement reads. "These evaluations come in the form of open, two way conversations about progress, challenges and issues—as well as support, mentoring, advice and candid feedback. "

That is not the standard practice for CMU presidents. President George Ross completed annual performance evaluations for his senior officers. 

When Central Michigan Life submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for the annual performance reviews of Vice President of University Communications and Chief Marketing Officer John Veilleux and Vice President of Recruitment and Retention Jennifer DeHaemers it was informed by the University General Counsel that such records do not exist. 

However, after requesting the performance evaluations for senior officers during Ross' time, CM Life received the non-redacted files.