Student media board selects CM Life editor-in-chief for the Fall 2022 semester


Harvard, Massachusetts junior Aurora Rae has accepted the position as Central Michigan Life's editor-in-chief for the Fall 2022 semester.

The Central Michigan University Board of Student Publications selected Rae at its semesterly meeting last week. 

Rae has worked for CM Life since her freshman year in 2019. As a photojournalism student, she started her experience at CM Life through photography. Rae earned the position of photo editor for the spring and fall semesters of 2021.  

This past semester, Rae has worked as CM Life's university news editor. With this experience, she is confident in her abilities to run the newsroom. 

“I have spent the past three years working towards the position of editor-in-chief and I am simply honored to be here,” she said. “I have learned more than I ever thought possible at CM Life about myself and others. I am so ready and excited to share my experiences in a newsroom that feels like home.”

Rae hopes to share in CM Life's mission to represent the university's student body as accurately. 

“I would like to see CM Life truly become the student voice we say we are,” she said. “There are still many people on campus who don't know what CM Life is. I plan to focus on finding solutions to bridge that gap in a way that outlives my time as editor-in-chief.”

Rae is determined to ensure that the CMU community uses CM Life to its full potential while the newsroom also expands its outreach. 

“I want students, faculty and staff to not only know what CM Life is, but to want to utilize it for the betterment of everyone. We have incredible power that I believe largely has yet to be explored," Rae said. "I look forward to connecting with student and faculty leaders to better understand what is happening on campus and stretching myself and my peers to produce the strongest, most accurate and most meaningful journalism possible.”