Editorial: We made it. Now, let's celebrate.

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Romulus senior Sarah Hudson practices spinning during color guard practice Monday, Aug. 22 on the marching band practice field.

Well, Central Michigan University, it seems as though we might have made it to the other side.

Two weeks in March 2020 turned into almost three years of constantly changing pandemic precautions, polarization and panic.

Now, here we are in 2022 approaching a full-academic year without any enforced COVID-19 regulations. 

Make no mistake, the virus is still very much alive – as are other diseases – but it no longer controls our every move as it did.

Our experiences will not be dictated by COVID-19. Our stories will not be overshadowed by it.

As a result of the pandemic, a significant increase in division was and still is apparent in our country. However, I think we can all agree that returning to campus with more in-person classes, conversations and community members are things to celebrate.

So, this semester, do exactly that: celebrate yourself, your friends, your professors and everyone around you.

As you enter this new era in the world and on campus, Central Michigan Life is here to celebrate your stories.

For over 100 years, we have been the voice of campus. We have covered everything from students’ successes to university shortcomings.

Like most newsrooms, the size of our team has largely decreased over the years. You’ll see many of us out in the community and campus this fall, finding and reporting on the things that interest you most – but we need your help to make sure we’re giving you the stories you want to see.

This semester, CM Life is launching a QR-code that will be available online, on social media and on flyers around campus by Sept. 1.

Scan the QR-code with your smart phone to access an anonymous tip line, with the option to have your name attached.

We are making CM Life as accessible to students, staff and faculty as possible – so, please take advantage.

We welcome anything you want us to know about campus.

Whether it’s someone you know working on an interesting project, an upcoming event, a campus organization, or an issue that’s affecting you – we are here to amplify you and your experience, good and bad.

As we approach what will hopefully be the other side of the pandemic, celebrate.

Celebrate with CM Life.