Mocktails over cocktails, a sober St. Patrick's Day

Students on main street show their St. Patricks day spirit to celebrate the holiday on March 17, Mount Pleasant, Mi.

St. Patrick’s Day is this Friday, March 17, and while the average American celebration has some kind of alcohol and indulgence, there’s more than one way to celebrate. 

The holiday is Catholic in origin, and falls during the observance of Lent, which involves elective restrictions for those who practice. 

“Honoring the anniversary of his death, St. Patrick’s Day is one where it is acceptable to break with Lenten restrictions and indulge – often in excess,” according to the Recovery Village website

The Recovery Village also says that beer consumption on St. Patrick’s Day increases 174%, and spirits follows suit with 153%.

During the pandemic, the number of people planning to go out for the holiday fell to 10% in 2021, but with increasing access to vaccines and a decrease in cases around the United States, that number is rapidly rebounding. 

For those who aren’t interested in spending their holiday with a mug of green beer, there are a significant number of non-alcoholic “mocktail” drink options. 

The “Bubbly State of Mind” released recipes for a “Sunshine State of Mind” beverage and a “Cherry on Top” mocktail. 

Sunshine State of Mind

  • 2 oz. Lime Sparkling Water
  • 2 oz. Lemonade
  • 2 oz. Limeade Concentrate

Directions: Combine ingredients and pour into a sugar-rimmed glass

Cherry on Top

  • 3 oz. Sprite
  • ½ oz. Cherry juice or Grenadine
  • 2 oz. Limeade concentrate

Directions: Combine ingredients and top with a cherry

Another cocktail reminiscent mocktail option was published by “The Wooden Skillet.” 

Here’s its recipe for a “Spicy Jalapeno Margarita Mocktail”: 


  • Salt for the rim
  • Ice 
  • Four slices of fresh jalapeno
  • ½ C. orange juice
  • ¼ C. lime juice


  1. Rim glass with lime juice and salt
  2. Add ice and jalapeno slices to glass
  3. Pour orange juice and lime juice over ice
  4. Stir and serve

Mocktails are a viable opportunity for the underage, “sober curious” or recovering alcoholics, but celebrating isn’t limited to beverages. 

Lots of traditional Irish foods are also used to celebrate. Dishes like shepherd’s pie, corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread are central to Irish-American cuisine, and their recipes can be found on the Food Network website, along with several other dishes. 

For people trying to overcome addiction, a sober St. Patrick’s Day can be a challenge. Collegiate Recovery, Education & Wellness, or CREW is an organization on Central Michigan University’s campus. 

“Located in Foust Hall, CMCREW is an independent resource for students whose drug and/ or alcohol usage are creating health, interpersonal and financial problems or whose academic performance and overall success are being negatively affected,” according to the CMU website. 

CMCREW Services, which are free to students, include the following:

  • Wellness coaching
  • Student evaluations
  • Recovery ally training 
  • Peer-led support groups
  • Naloxone (or “Narcan”) training
  • Classroom/ group presentations

CMCREW is an extension of the program Ten16, a nationwide substance misuse resource. 

“We promote recovery and wellness at every stage of substance misuse through shared experience, proven steps and supportive accountability,” according to the Ten16 website.