Colleges at the university

A quick guide to the academic departments, programs and products of Central Michigan university

Graduate students and faculty stand for the national anthem during the graduate student commencement Friday, May 5 in McGuirk Arena.

Central Michigan University academics are divided into seven colleges that administer some 300 academic programs, according the university’s academics web page. The opportunities span the sciences, liberal arts, humanities, education and health care, and are designed to develop students’ critical thinking, research, analytical and communication skills. 

The following is a quick breakdown of the university’s colleges and some of their most popular programs. For more information, visit or contact your academic advisor. 


About the college: Designed to teach everything an up-and-coming global business leader needs, the college will help launch careers in accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, law, management, business information systems, marketing and hospitality.
Departments: School of Accounting; Business Information Systems; Economics; Entrepreneurship; Finance and Law; Management; Marketing; and Hospitality Services.
Graduate programs: Master of Business Administration; Master of Science in information systems; Master of Arts in economics; and Master of entrepreneurial ventures. 


About the college: This project aims to help those who love to help others. Whether your passion is fashion design, teaching, recreation or event planning, the college offers a program to help students lead, challenge and inspire while pursuing their love.
Departments: Counseling, Educational Leadership and Higher Education; Fashion, Interior Design and Merchandising; Human Development and Family Studies; Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services Administration; and Teacher and Special Education. Graduate programs: Master of Science in administration.


About the college: This is the place for those who wish to create an inclusive, healthy society while preparing to work with patients in clinical settings, or to take a more systemic approach through research and education.
Departments: Communication Sciences and Disorders; School of Health Sciences; Physical Education and Sport; Physical Therapy; School of Rehabilitation and Medical Sciences; and interdisciplinary programs
Graduate programs: Master of Science in athletic training; Doctor of audiology; Doctor of health administration; Doctor of physical therapy; Master of Science in exercise physiology; graduate certificate in health systems leadership; graduate certificate in international health; Master of Health Administration; Master of Public Health; Master of Science in nutrition and dietics; Master of Science physician assistant; Master of Arts in speech-language pathology; Master of Arts in sports administration; and a graduate certificate in structured language and literacy intervention. 


About the college: Students in this CLASS, as it affectionately known, study people, cultures, communities, the human mind and the fundamental questions of life. This is the place for those who wish to explore other cultures and discover solutions to global challenges. This program includes a stand-alone living and learning community, the Public Service Residential College in Cobb Hall.
Departments: English Language and Literature; English as a Second Language; History, World Languages and Cultures; Military Science and Leadership; Museum Studies; Philosophy, Anthropology and Religion; Psychology; Politics, Society, Justice and Public Service; and Women and Gender Studies.
Graduate programs: Doctor of applied experimental psychology; graduate certificate in citizen engagement; Doctor of clinical psychology; Master of Arts in creative writing; graduate certificate in European history; Master of Science in experimental psychology; Master of Arts in history; Doctor of industrial/organizational psychology; Master of Arts in industrial/organizational psychology; Master of Public Administration; graduate certificate in modern history; graduate certificate in nonprofit leadership; Doctor of school psychology; school psychology specialist; and graduate certificate in United States history.  


About the college: This mission-driven program trains physicians to provide healthcare for underserved populations in Michigan and beyond. This advanced-degree college provides advanced medical education on the Mount Pleasant campus as well as in Saginaw, and combineds traditional coursework with hands-on enrichment training. The training program includes two years’ of clerkships with rotations into hospital medicine, obstetrics and gynecology; pediatrics’ psychiatry and surgery; as well as a longitudinal integrated clerkship in primary care. Students may also apply for admission into the college’s residency programs, which specialize in emergency medicine; family medicine; general surgery; internal medicine; obstetrics and gynecology; podiatric medicine and surgery; and psychiatry. 


About the college: For those who love the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics, this multi-disciplinary college combines traditional classroom instruction, hands-on training and real-world opportunities to help launch careers full of discoveries and advancements.
Departments: Biology; Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology; Chemistry and Biochemistry; Computer Science; Earth and Atmospheric Sciences; Earth and Ecosystem Science; Geography and Environmental Studies; Interdisciplinary Science Education; Mathematics; Neuroscience; Physics; Pre-Health Pathways; School of Engineering and Technology; Science of Advanced Materials; and Statistics, Actuarial and Data Sciences.  
Graduate programs: Graduate certificate in actuarial science; Master of Science in applied statistics and analytics; Master of Science in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology; Doctor of biochemistry, cell and molecular biology; Master of Science in Chemistry; Master of Science in Computer science; graduate certificate in data mining; Doctor of earth and ecosystem science; Master of Science in engineering; Master of Science in geographic information systems; Doctor of mathematical sciences; Master of Arts in mathematics; Master of Science in neuroscience; Doctor in neuroscience; Master of science in physics; Doctor of physics; Doctor of the science of advanced materials; and Doctor of statistics and analytics.


About the college: Students in this college are the storytellers who communicate meaning and create community through art, dance, music, journalism, design, theater and public relations.
Departments: Art and Design, Broadcast and Cinematic Arts; Communication; Journalism; School of Music; and Theatre and Dance.
Graduate programs: Master of Arts in broadcast and cinematic arts; Master of Arts in communication; Master of Arts in music composition; Master of Arts in music conducting; Master of Arts in music education; and Master of Arts in music performance.