Rene Lichtman will speak on Holocaust Remembrance

CMU students listen to Elizabeth Slater talk about the history of the Holocaust, as part of Jewish Heritage Week, Wednesday, Jan 25, in the Biosciences Building.

Holocaust Remembrance Day will be honored at 7 p.m. on Jan. 25 in the Bovee University Center Rotunda. 

The event is being hosted by Hillel at Central Michigan University, and will feature Rene Lichtman as a guest speaker. 

“We are having Rene Lichtman … come and speak just about his experiences during the Holocaust and hear that directly from him," Elizabeth Slater, vice president of Hillel at CMU, said.

According to the Zekelman Holocaust Center website, Rene Lichtman is an 86-year-old Holocaust survivor. Lichtman was born in Paris, France after his parents fled Poland. His father fought in the French army, and his mother went into hiding, while Lichtman lived with a Catholic family until the end of the war.

“We’ll hear from his powerful experience and understand a little more about the Holocaust as international Holocaust Remembrance Day is coming up on (Jan. 27),” Slater said. 

According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website, International Holocaust Remembrance day on Jan. 27 is the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, and is a day to commemorate victims of the Holocaust, including millions of Jewish victims and millions of others under Nazi persecution.

“It’s important for people to know that the Holocaust still affects us today and it was not that long ago," Slater said. "There are people still around who lived through it. It’s important to hear from them and their own experiences."