LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Faculty of Color Alliance offers support to students of color for inclusivity


Dear Editor,

On behalf of all members of the Faculty and Staff of Color Alliance (FSCA), the Executive Committee would like to submit this statement of solidarity, empathy and support for Central Michigan University’s Black students- and every student who has experienced marginalization in our community. 

Many of us have experiences of navigating spaces where we felt both invisible and hypervisible. We also know that witnessing our peers and leaders using racist or biased language can add to our existing feelings of isolation and unsafety.

Words, actions and representation matter. All members of our campus community deserve to feel that they can learn, work and live in a safe and welcoming place. Hateful speech and behaviors have no place in our community.

We want you to know that the FSCA is here to support you and work alongside you to create a safe, inclusive and equitable environment where you can thrive as your authentic selves. Please reach out to us at fscalliance@cmich.edu to connect and let us know how we can continue to support you.

We stand with you.

The Executive Committee of the Faculty and Staff of Color Alliance:

Dr. Sethu Reddy, Chair

Daniel Segura, Vice Chair

Dr. Nayib Rene Zamarripa, Treasurer

Dr. Donnesha Blake, Secretary

Gloria Barajas Rojas, Graduate Student Representative