Picturing Their Words

One of my goals as editor in chief at Central Michigan Life this year is expanding our coverage of  diversity and inclusion issues.  

This current print edition is the first step toward helping CM Life achieve that goal this semester. Black Voices Matter is about students who are pushing the university to be better and an invitation to minority students to share their stories with us. 

This portrait series, which was featured in the print edition, asked students to help portrait their words through images, which are meant to be pondered. Let them challenge your beliefs and preconceived notions of others people’s experiences. 

People who participated in the photo project expressed the need for their voices to be amplified. 

CM Life has always, and will continue to, shine a light on injustice students and staff experience at CMU. 

Whether you are a member of the LGBTQ community, an international student, a student of color or a student with disability, we want you to tell us the stories you know best. I believe minority students should have a heightened role in the decision-making processes at CMU and a greater voice in Student Media. 

We want you to know that there are reporters and photographers here at CM LIfe willing to go the extra mile to tell the stories of underrepresented students and Mount Pleasant residents. That's because we believe you should be heard. 

Let us share your experiences at Central Michigan University; the good and the bad. Let’s give praise to those at CMU sparking important conversations about inclusion and bring about change on campus together. 

I believe CM Life is the best platform to have conversations about the prejudice and injustices experienced by students because of your religion, interests or the color of your skin.  

I want CM Life to give students who feel overlooked and underrepresented a voice and a venue to express their opinions and concerns. There is nowhere else on campus to share your story like you can by working with student journalists. 

Change also has to start inward as well. I want our newsroom at CM Life to reflect campus and be a place where all students are getting the same opportunities as I am. I want to be helping progress the conversation on campus at CM Life, not taking away from it. 

If you’d like to contact us, email us at editor@cm-life.com or send us a message on one of our social media platforms. 

I'm here and I'm ready to listen. 

(Photos by Isaac Ritchey and Aurora Abraham)