Soundcheck S7 E6: Outsider Music

This time on Soundcheck, Ben, Michael and Brody take a trip through the weird, weird world of outsider music. You'll know it when you hear it! Setlist: 1. Walking the Cow // Daniel Johnston 2. My Pal Foot Foot // The Shaggs 3. Beach Boogie // Three Beat Slide 4. F*** You // Wesley Willis 5. Tip Toe Thru' the Tulips with Me (Single Version) // Tiny Tim 6. They Told Me I Was a Fool // Jandek 7. She Said // Hasil Adkins 8. Paralyzed // The Legendary Stardust Cowboy 9. My Hawaiian Home (Kids Prophesies Revolutionizing Physics) // Bobby Frank Brown 10. The Circle // Wild Man Fischer 11. California Cruiser // Ed & Alice Gorin 12. Heartbreak Hotel // Eilert Pilarm 13. Every Breath You Take // Highway 61 14. Blind Man's Penis (Peace and Love) // Ramsey Kearney 15. Desperate Man Blues // Daniel Johnston 16. She Said // The Cramps 17. Daisuke Matzusaka Full Song #1 // B.J. Snowden 18. Killed By The Hands of An Unknown Rock Starr // Bobb Trimble 19. Walking the Cow // Kindness, Texas Thanks for watching! Make sure to like, subscribe and follow us on social media to stay updated with your Central Michigan University campus and community: Facebook:​​ Twitter:​​ Instagram:​​