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Maroon & Bold S3 Ep 8: Kent State Vs. CMU

Andrew and the guys talk CMU football's matchup against Kent State and the volleyball team's season.

Intro/Outro: Sport Planet - AudioMarket

Ring Masters S2 Ep 9: Everything's a Main Event

Jamison and Grant break down the week of professional wrestling and disagree on predictions for the 'Hell in a Cell' pay-per-view. Daniel Bryan shares our thoughts on RAW and Jamison impersonates Triple H.

Intro/Outro: Incursion - Machinimasound

Tabletop Central S1 Ep 4: Sindrill Brotherhood Campaign - Resonance

Tito, Mac, and Santino continue their adventure as they try to understand the gems and the power they contain. Andor and his pet fox join the current party with Safron and Nate.

Intro/Outro: A Legend's Adventure - Mitchell Miller

Central Headlines: President Ross Interview

As University President George Ross approaches his seventh year leading the university through a $10 million budget deficit amongst a changing climate surrounding higher education, he gave Central Michigan Life insight on some of the issues facing the university and its community this year.

Intro/Outro: Northern Express - Ross Bugden

Glitching the Game S1 Ep 1: Remembrances

In this episode Alex Hansen and Josh Bonzheim discuss the video games of their childhood and the path of gaming they took to today, reminiscing about their days of Runescape.

Intro/Outro: Unity - TheFatRat

Unsportsmanlike Conduct S2 Ep7: World Series/ Michigan vs. Michigan State Preview

Von Lozon, Kullen Logsdon and Andy McDonald are back at it for another episode of Unsportsmanlike Conduct. This week, the guys preview the World Series between the Cubs and Indians, as well as the Michigan vs. Michigan State football game. Also, is Matthew Stafford a legitimate MVP candidate in the NFL?

Intro/Outro: The Awakening - Onlap

Raving Geeks: Jordyn Hates Blendypants Cabbagepatch

The Geeks strange for Dr. Strange and Jordyn slings mud over the key casting. Also in this episode Logan trailer reactions, Nintendo Switch and Checks & Recs.

Intro/Outro: Epic Hero Music - Mikhael Bureau

Netflix Movie Club S1 Ep4: Found Footage Horror Films

In this episode of the CMU Netflix Club, hosts Tom and Noah talk about the found footage horror film, VHS, among others of the genre.

Intro/Outro: Vengeance - Max Legend

Maroon & Bold S3 Ep 7: CMU V Toledo

Andrew and Greg discuss CMU football's matchup with Toledo. The Rockets are one game above CMU for second place in the Mid-American Conference West Division. 

Intro/Outro: Sport Planet - Audiomarket

Ring Masters S2 Ep 8: Carmella is Steve Austin

Jamison and Grant talk Goldberg and a surprisingly good RAW, a pretty terrible Smackdown and new WWE champion James Ellsworth... joking.

Intro/Outro: Incursion - Machinimasound

Tabletop Central Ep 3: Sindrill Brotherhood Campaign - The Descent into the Cave

In this episode, our adventurers enter the cave to the the wolves. They are joined by Sylvi, Dranas, and Eldric as they hunt for the Alpha Wolf's head.

Intro/Outro: A Legend's Adventure - Mitchell Miller

Unsportsmanlike Conduct S2 Ep 6: NBA Preview/MSU's Fall From Grace

This week, Von Lozon and Kullen Logsdon bring in Austin Denean to talk NBA and Andy McDonald to talk about the Lions, Spartans' Football, and more.

Intro/Outro: The Awakening - Onlap

Raving Geeks: Kelsey v. Printers (Battle of a Lifetime)

On this episode, hear the geeks rant about technology they just can't stand, new movie trailers and battle to the death with infomercial items.

Intro/Outro: Epic Hero Music - Mikhael Bureau

Netflix Movie Club S1 Ep3: A Case of You

In this episode of the CMU Netflix Movie Club, hosts Tom and Noah discuss the 2013 movie "A Case of You" starring Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood, and Peter Dinklage.

Intro/Outro: Vengeance by Max Legend

Maroon & Bold S3 Ep 6: Volleyball and Soccer Special

On this episode, Sports Editor Andrew Surma is joined by soccer beat writer Von Lozon and volleyball beat writer McKenzie Sanderson to talk about the two teams' weekend match-ups.

Intro/Outro: Sport Planet - AudioMarket

Tabletop Central Episode 2: The Return to the Forest

Tito, Mac and Santino play adventurers in this next installment of the Sindrill: Brotherhood Campaign. After a good nights rest our adventurers are ready to start looking for some answers.

Intro/Outro: A Legend's Adventure by Mitchell Miller

Ring Masters Episode 7: Lesnar's Next

Jamison Galloway and Grant Lefaive break down No Mercy, RAW and Smackdown, mark out over the return of Goldberg, complain about commentary, and mourn James Ellsworth's neck.

Intro/Outro: Incursion by Machinimasound

Unsportsmanlike Conduct S2 Ep5: Huge Beat Down

Kullen Logsdon and Von Lozon are shocked at the Lions' victory last Sunday, so are they for real after beating the Eagles? The guys also witnessed a royal beat down on national television last Saturday. Meanwhile, the Michigan State Spartans drop their third straight game, what is up with Mark Dantonio and the team? All this and more on this week's Unsportsmanlike Conduct.

Twitter handles: @von_lozon, @kullen_logsdon

Intro/Outro: The Awakening by Onlap

Raving Geeks: Luke Uncaged

Ben and Noah dissect the intricacies of Marvel's latest Netflix romp into the Defenders universe.

Intro/Outro: Epic Hero Music - Michael Bureau

Netflix Movie Club S1 Ep 2: Turbo Kid

In this episode of the CMU Netflix Movie Club, hosts Tom and Noah discuss the 2015 movie "Turbo Kid": a gory, post-apocalyptic homage to 80's sci-fi adventure flicks.

Intro/Outro: Vengeance by Max Legend