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Walking Life: Them

Malachi and Sarah talk through the Walking Dead episode, "Them". 

Ring Masters Episode 1

Nick and Adrian talk about this week's news in Wrestle-mania.

The Walking Life Episode 7

Sarah and Malachi discuss the exciting conclusion of the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead.  Warning: this podcast contains spoilers.

Mockingjay Movie Review

Steve and Sarah share their thoughts about Mockingjay Part One.  Join them as they explain the plot, how it related to the books, and what they thought about the special effects and acting of the film.

Chip Chat: Episode 6

Listen to the latest in CMU sports from your host, Dominic and Joe. 

The Raving Geeks Episode 4

In this episode of The Raving Geeks, your host discuss their favorite Batman, share their thoughts on the upcoming Batman v. Superman and have a moment of silence for Jennifer Garner.

Chip Chat Episode 7

Join the sports team as they fill you in on everything sports at Central Michigan University.

Walking Life Episode 5

A recap of the most recent episode of "The Walking Dead" that aired Nov 16th 

The Raving Geeks: Episode 3

Listen to your hosts as they battle each other in the third installment of "The Raving Geeks"

Chip Chat: Episode 5

In this episode your host discuss the season opener of Men's Basketball

Walking Life: Episode 4

Episode five, "Self Help" is discussed in this weeks podcast

Raving Geeks: Episode 2

Listen to your host battle each others opinions in the second episode of Raving Geeks

Walking Life: Episode 3

In this episode of The Walking Life, your host discuss "Slabtown" the fourth episode of The Walking Dead's fifth season.

Raving Geeks: Episode 1

Get to know your hosts, Ben Solis and Malachi Barret, as they thoroughly discuss and analyze geek culture in this brand new podcast. 

Walking Life: Episode 2

The third episode of The Walking Dead's fifth season is discussed in this weeks episode of Walking Life. 

Chip Chat: Episode 4

This episode discusses the most recent CMU football victory over Buffalo, a record breaking touchdown, and the success of CMU's Field Hockey team. 

Walking Life: Episode 1

In this episode of Walking Life, your host discuss the most recent happenings in "No Sanctuary" the second episode of The Walking Dead's fifth season. 

WARNING: This podcast contains spoilers from every season of The Walking Dead and the comic book series.