Raving Geeks S5 E1: Magic or Muggle? That is the Question

This time on Raving Geeks, returning hosts Brendan Valentine, Hope Goodearl, and Isaac Hunter dive into all things Harry Potter related. From the wizard world hijinks that ensue to deciding on classes, it’s an episode that lives up to its geek name.

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Raving Geeks S4 E13: The Geeks of Past, Present, and Future

As the final episode of 2021, The Raving Geeks look back on their favorite parts of geekdom from this year and mention what they look forward to in 2022. What was your favorite geek moment?

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Raving Geeks S4 E12: The Binging Geeks

This time on Raving Geeks, the Geeks talk about which shows are the most binge-able. Did your favorites make it in? It’s an episode you don’t want to miss!


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Level Up Chips S3 E11: Our Game Awards

As the year wraps up, Mike and Max look back on the games they’ve played and which ones really stuck out as being the best of the best. With news about Titanfall’s drop from online game stores and a Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask recommendation, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!


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Unsportsmanlike Conduct S5 E11: Bowling for Chips

Bowl Season is finally upon us!! This week, the squad dives into Michigan winning the Big Ten title and the state of Major League Baseball post-lockout. The gang also discusses the Detroit Red Wings win streak.

Maroon & Bold S11E10: The season finale

It's the Maroon & Bold season 11 finale! In Mitch's final episode, he sits down with Ashley to talk men's hoops loss to Western Illinois, Sean talks women's hoops slowly coming along, Christian previews the Arizona Bowl and staff reporter Megan Youngblood makes her Maroon & Bold debut to talk wrestling's 24-12 win over Rider. 

Level Up Chips S3 E10: Mario Party Like it's 1999

 This time on Level Up Chips, Mike and Max talk about Rockstar’s note of apology for the Grand Theft Auto: Remastered Trilogy release, the many party games to check out during the holidays, and the game of the week- Persona 3. It’s an episode you don’t wanna miss!

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Unsportsmanlike Conduct S5E10: OH-OH NO!

Christian Booher makes his UC return! The squad talk Michigan's win over Ohio State and the MLB lockout. The gang also discusses the state of the Detroit Tigers after the addition of Javier Baez. 

Maroon & Bold S11E9: Hoops, trophy's, and Mitch was right!

The sports desk is back for the ninth episode of Maroon and Bold's 11th season! Sean discusses women's hoops east coast road trip and Ashley talks about a pair of top-10 matchups that men's hoops faced. Mitch and Christian discuss football's 31-10 walloping of Eastern Michigan and give their end of the year awards. 

Maroon & Bold S11E8: What are you thankful for?

This week's installment is all about hoops and pigskin. Ashley talks about men's hoops buzzer-beating win over Eastern Illinois, Sean discusses women's hoops clash with Michigan and Christian talks about CMU's 37-17 win over Ball State. The trio also talks about what they're thankful for ahead of Thanksgiving. 

Raving Geeks S4 E11: The Geek Notice

With the help of guest Geek Brendan Wiesner, the Geeks talk about the rights and wrongs of The Red Notice. To make things better, a new Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer dropped!

Unsportsmanlike Conduct S5E9: No ties in football!

In this installment of Unsportsmanlike Conduct, the show starts off with a big announcement from Aron! Megan is back for Youngbloods Hockey Corner, plus Mitch gives his take on college football, NFL, and the question of the week!

Level Up Chips S3 E9: Stardew Crossing

On this week's episode of Level Up Chips, Mike, Max and Stephanie Chipman talk about the latest GTA Trilogy fumbles, Animal Crossing DLC, and a quick recommendation of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It's a episode you don't want to miss!

Maroon & Bold S11E7: Flashes of maroon and gold

The CM Life sports crew is back for another installment of Maroon & Bold. Noah and Ashley break down the opening week for both men's and women's college hoops for the Chippewas. Mitch and Christian analyze CMU's thumping of Kent State and predict this weeks MACtion results. 

Raving Geeks S4 E10: Eternally Geeky

This time on Raving Geeks, Brendan, Isaac, and guest host Patrick Bouman take a look at the most recent film in the MCU- The Eternals. Do they love it or do they hate it?


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Soundcheck S7 E8: The Pavement-verse (Part 2: David Berman)

This time on Soundcheck, Michael, Ben and Brody try to escape an alternate dimension! Join them on their continued journey through The Pavement-verse! On part 2, the guys talk about the music of David Berman and continue collecting the Pave-finity Stones for Thanos...

All my favorite singers couldn't sing!


  1. Rebel Jew // War Comet
  2. Trains Across The Sea // Silver Jews
  3. The Country Diary Of A Subway Conductor // Silver Jews
  4. The Frontier Index // Silver Jews
  5. Blue Arrangements // Silver Jews
  6. Tennessee // Silver Jews
  7. There Is A Place // Silver Jews
  8. We Could Be Looking For The Same Thing // Silver Jews
  9. Darkness and Cold // Purple Mountains
  10. Storyline Fever // Purple Mountains
  11. All My Happiness is Gone // Purple Mountains
  12. No More Kings // Pavement
  13. Dallas (Live 2006) // Silver Jews
  14. The Wild Kindness (feat. Cassie Berman) // Bill Callahan, Bonnie Prince Billy
  15. How to Rent a Room // Kindness, Texas

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Level Up Chips S3 E8: Shin Megami Tensei 5 Comparisons

This time on Level Up Chips, Mike and Max look at the catastrophic reviews for the newly released Shin Megami Tensei 5. It's not SMT5 that's catastrophic, but rather that it got lower scores because it got compared to Persona 5 - a spin-off of the SMT series.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct S5 Ep8: Running It Back With Mitch!

This week, Mitch is making another substitution for Megan, so Mitch is back with more energy than the week before! Aron Sean and Mitch discuss the race to the B1G Ten conference championship along with the NFL, CMU football and basketball, Seans Swishing Takes, Mitch's Buy or Sell and the Question of the Week! 

Soundcheck S7 E7: The Pavement-verse (Part 1: Pavement and Stephen Malkmus)

This time on Soundcheck, Michael, Ben and Brody are sucked into an alternate dimension! Join them on their journey through The Pavement-verse! On part 1, the guys talk about Pavement and Stephen Malkmus' studio albums.

Harness your hopes!


  1. Summer Babe - Winter Version // Pavement
  2. Texas Never Whispers // Pavement
  3. Gold Soundz // Pavement
  4. Grounded // Pavement
  5. Starlings of the Slipstream // Pavement
  6. ...And Carrot Rope // Pavement
  7. Vague Space // Stephen Malkmus
  8. Gardenia // Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
  9. Kite // Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
  10. Spit on a Stranger // Kindness, Texas

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Maroon and Bold S11E6: W-M-WHO?!

FINALLY... The Victory Cannon has come back to Mount Pleasant! Mitch and Christian discuss CMU's 42-30 win over arch-rival Western Michigan and the rest of the Mid-American Conference. Staff reporters Ashley Birkeness and Noah Wulbrecht break down what they saw in both basketball exhibition games last week, and Sean Chase talks about volleyball's losses to Ball State.