Soundcheck S7 E8: The Pavement-verse (Part 2: David Berman)

This time on Soundcheck, Michael, Ben and Brody try to escape an alternate dimension! Join them on their continued journey through The Pavement-verse! On part 2, the guys talk about the music of David Berman and continue collecting the Pave-finity Stones for Thanos...

All my favorite singers couldn't sing!


  1. Rebel Jew // War Comet
  2. Trains Across The Sea // Silver Jews
  3. The Country Diary Of A Subway Conductor // Silver Jews
  4. The Frontier Index // Silver Jews
  5. Blue Arrangements // Silver Jews
  6. Tennessee // Silver Jews
  7. There Is A Place // Silver Jews
  8. We Could Be Looking For The Same Thing // Silver Jews
  9. Darkness and Cold // Purple Mountains
  10. Storyline Fever // Purple Mountains
  11. All My Happiness is Gone // Purple Mountains
  12. No More Kings // Pavement
  13. Dallas (Live 2006) // Silver Jews
  14. The Wild Kindness (feat. Cassie Berman) // Bill Callahan, Bonnie Prince Billy
  15. How to Rent a Room // Kindness, Texas

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