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Soundcheck S5 E10: Hidden in the Mitten II

On this episode of Soundcheck, Andrew and Michael invite Brody back onto the show to showcase nine more hidden gems of the Great Lakes State!

Ready or not, here they come!


  1. Death Blow // Blister Sisters
  2. Valles Marineris // Rottenberk
  3. Blue Doom // Zilched
  4. Killer Snake // Mexican Knives
  5. You're Gonna Hate What You've Done // Greet Death
  6. Finders Keepers // Shortly
  7. Rumble at the Karaoke Bar // Wally Pleasant
  8. Keep What You Have Build Up Here // empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate)
  9. Catamaran // Bear Vs. Shark
  10. Hanover Hideaway // Nice Enough People

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