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Soundcheck S5 E6: Eddie Van Halen

This time on Soundcheck, Director of Student Publications Dave Clark joins Michael and Andrew to discuss the music and legacy of Eddie Van Halen.

Could this be magic?


  1. Sunday Afternoon in the Park // Van Halen
  2. Eruption // Van Halen
  3. Outta Love Again // Van Halen
  4. Spanish Fly // Van Halen
  5. I'm the One // Van Halen
  6. Atomic Punk // Van Halen
  7. And the Cradle Will Rock... // Van Halen
  8. Hot for Teacher // Van Halen
  9. Hear About It Later // Van Halen
  10. Secrets // Van Halen
  11. My Mother Is A Space Cadet // Dweezil Zappa
  12. Prisoner // Echoberyl
  13. Oh! Yoko (Ultimate Mix) // John Lennon
  14. Women In Love... // Van Halen

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