Headlines: April 9

WATCH: Checkout the stories you can expect to see in Monday's edition of CM-Life!

Shop Talk: Pleasant City Coffee

WATCH: In this week's edition of "Shop Talk," we take a look at the family owned Pleasant City Coffee.

Mock Rock 2018

WATCH: Various fraternities and sororities raise $100,000 for Women's Aid Shelter and Special Days Camps in this year's Mock Rock.

Soaring Eagle's New VIP Lounge

WATCH: The Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort opens a new high limit, VIP lounge.

Raising of the International Peace Flag

WATCH: Students raise the international peace flag in honor of CMU's fourth president, E.C. Warriner.

Threads spotlight: Ashlee Larson

WATCH: Threads designer Ashlee Larson tells us about her designs and the months of work that went into making them.

CMYou: What Do CMU Students Want From Their New President?

WATCH: Students tell us what they would like to see from the future President of CMU.

CMYou: April Fools

WATCH: Students share their most memorable April Fools moments.

Festival of Justus

WATCH: Justus League hosts a music festival funded by the Student Budget Allocation Committee, featuring student organizations and musicians.

Headlines: April 2

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SOTS: March Madness Brackets

WATCH: Students tell us which men's basketball team they think will win the March Madness championship game.

6th Annual Rubber Ducky Derby

WATCH: PR Central hosts their 6th annual Rubber Ducky Derby at The Soaring Eagle Hotel and Water park. The event raises funds for various scholarships.

Centennial Nights: March

WATCH: The March event for Centennial Nights included performances by Pining, Pineapple Psychology, Gyp$y and more.

Threads 2.0: The Evolution Preview

WATCH: Former Threads producer Julia Allen gives a glimpse of what it takes to prepare for the annual student-run fashion show.

Headlines: March 29

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Central Escapes

WATCH: A local business locks 2-8 participants in a room with puzzles, clues and 60 minutes to escape.

CMU Rocks

WATCH: The student organization CMU Rocks paints, hides, and finds rocks on campus as a form of stress relief. The club is currently looking for new members.

March For Our Lives Mount Pleasant

WATCH: CMU students organize a "March For Our Lives" rally, a movement based on raising a conversation about gun reform. The event brought hundreds of people from campus and the community and was part of over 800 marches across the U.S.

Shop Talks: Paperback Book Exchange

WATCH: Judy Ostrander was an employee for eight years before she bought Paperback Book Exchange, a business where you can trade your books for discounted prices.