Headlines for Oct. 9

WATCH: Check out headlines for tomorrow's paper brought to you by CM Life editors.

Michigan Art Prize: Threads Fashion Show

CMU's Threads fashion show group showcased at the Michigan Art Prize event in Grand Rapids.

Headlines: Oct. 5, 2017

A look at the top stories in the October 5th, 2017 edition of CM Life!

ASL Community Welcomes Comedian: Mr. Shineyhead

WATCH: The ASL program welcomes comedian, Mr. Shineyhead, who performs through signing as a part of Deaf Awareness week.

Flint Active Crisis Team and Service Trip

WATCH: Students travel to Flint to help serve the community through blight, creating art murals and volunteering at a community event.

Headlines: October 2

WATCH: Check out the headlines for tomorrow's pink edition of CM Life in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Who Made Who? With Jordan Bueter

WATCH: Chippewa Volleyball player, Jordan Bueter, shares her experience as a student athlete.

Creator Of Humans of New York: Brandon Stanton

CMU welcomed creator of the Humans of New York photoblog, Brandon Stanton, to speak to students.

CMU Band Day

The CMU Band at its very finest at Kelly Shorts Stadium on September 23rd, 2017.

Jesus Dogs at CMU Tailgate

Abdul El-Sayed

Democratic Governor Candidate Abdul El- Sayed spoke on campus last Wednesday.

Board of Trustees Meeting

WATCH: CMU staff and faculty met to discuss Central's progress and future plans.

CMU National Hazing Prevention Week

WATCH: Students learn about the dangers of hazing and ways to prevent it in the CMU community.

International Student Perspective

WATCH: International Student, Nabeel Ahmed, shares his transition from Pakistan to CMU.

Sorority Bid Day

WATCH: Sororities welcomed new members to the Greek Life community during the event known as "Bid Day".

Museum Receives 1920 Transport Truck

WATCH: The Museum of Cultural and Natural History welcomes largest donated artifact.

Grawn Hall Renovated

WATCH: CMU renovated the oldest building on campus, Grawn Hall, this year. The Building Director and Dean share more about the new features.

Boundaries Voices: Snapshots of the Student Experience at CMU

WATCH: Celebrate 125 years with Jay Martin as he shares CMU's stories through the Museum of Cultural and Natural History.

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