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CRIME LOG: Mount Pleasant Fire Department extinguishes fire on Lansing Street

Firefighters saw heavy, black smoke coming from the north side of the structure. Two of the occupants were treated and transported to an area hospital for minor smoke inhalation.

Q&A: Pediatrician who exposed Flint Water Crisis urges community teamwork

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, a pediatrician and public health activist, has been called before the United States Congress three times to speak about Flint's water crisis.

'Same, Same, Different' panel discusses shortcomings in Black History education

“Same Same Different: Miseducation of Black History” is a live panel series tackling errors between academia and black history. The Central Michigan University segment was held on Feb. 25 in the Sarah and Daniel Opperman Auditorium. ...

One Year Later: Take a look back at the March 2, 2018 residence hall shooting that changed CMU's campus forever

“The CMU Police Department is responding to a report of shots fired near the fourth floor area of ...