Presidential hopeful Kerry goes too far with f-bombs

Once again John Kerry shows what the crop of 2004 Democratic hopefuls are made of. In a New York Post article dated December 6, 2003, while doing an interview for Rolling Stone magazine Kerry states, “Did I expect George Bush to f--- it up as badly as he did? I don’t think anybody did.” Politics aside, is this the kind of person that we would choose to lead our country? I would hope not.

There are two things I come away with after reading this quote. First is how far will someone pander to receive votes? Rolling Stone magazine, targeted to a youthful reader, is where John Kerry reveals his new strategy: drop f-bombs targeting youthful New Hampshire primary voters. In the same NY Post article, it stated Kerry would lose by a 3-1 margin to Howard Dean in the New Hampshire primary.

The second thing that amazes me is that while Kerry is conducting on-the-record interviews using f-words, later that day he could potentially be in front of a forum discussing issues facing senior citizens. I’d like to see the senior’s reaction after he begins his opening statement with, “Who f---in’ wants prescription drug benefits?”

My point is not that he used a certain word; it’s when he chose to use it. My parents taught me that there is a time and place for such language, but on-the-record interviews while running for president probably isn’t one of them.


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