Go explore

The state of Michigan is doing everything it can to bring visitors to the Mitten. From TV commercials to bulletin boards in New York, tourism is trying to make a comeback.

Fortunately for us in Michigan, most places in the state can be reached in a day's worth of traveling. And if able, there's no reason for students not to patronize the state we live in.

If you have the time, go out and see what is happening in the state and the mid-Michigan region.

Michigan offers something for everyone to do. If you're an outdoors-type person, the list is endless. Even as early as May, campers can explore the state. Michigan's lakes and rivers are great for boating, canoeing, kayaking and fishing.

There are still plenty of options. That's the beauty of the state, there's something for everyone. Plenty is happening around the mid-Michigan area. Bay City will be hosting the River Roar, Frankenmuth will be holding its Bavarian Festival and free concerts will take place all summer in Tawas City.

Although most students may not have a lot of money, most of these places can be reached in a couple hours by car. And if possible, go and spend time there. The state's economy would appreciate it.