Changing packs will not stop smokers

In Wednesday’s issue of CM Life, an article was published about the FDA’s new plan to cut back on smokers.

In reality, smoking will never stop. The nicotine in cigarettes produced today is designed to be overly addictive.

Despite the FDA’s efforts to “disgust” people out of smoking, it will continue as normal. We already know that smoking kills.

Being a smoker, I am highly offended by the proposition of covering half a pack of cigarettes with images of deformed mouths and black lungs, but it won’t keep me from buying my four packs a week.

Having become accustomed to the aesthetics of the cigarette pack, I believe this will only cause people to not look at the actual pack.

This may lead to the invention of a “cigarette cozy” of sorts (available in all colors and even with your favorite super hero!).

Sure, it may seem like a solid plan, but Americans are continuously bombarded by images of much more disgusting things already.

We’ve already learned from abolition that making trivial things illegal doesn’t stop anything. If anything, it makes it more of a problem.

We all need to take a step back and reconsider what the government is trying to do. They’re trying the same thing that Hitler did. They are trying to create a “perfect society.” An America where no one smokes. Where no one drinks. Where no one commits crime.

We need to think for ourselves, not let the government do our thinking for us. Whether or not you’re a smoker, you can still appreciate the atrocity that is the FDA’s control of tobacco.

Seth Mercado, White Lake freshman