Ex-basketball player sentenced to jail, transfers to Robert Morris

Former CMU basketball player Jacolby Hardiman received a sentence of two days in jail and a $500 fine stemming from a June 24 incident at O’Kelly’s Sports Bar and Grill, 2000 S. Mission St.

The former forward was convicted of a high-court misdemeanor, rather than felony larceny in a building and financial transaction device-possession.

Hardiman was arrested early in the summer after a woman reported her purse being stolen at the bar.

Hardiman was later found by O’Kelly’s employees in the bathroom with the woman’s purse. Her credit card was also found next to where Hardiman had been standing. Police arrived to investigate and he was jailed on $8,000 bond.

He also will be required to pay an additional $350 for a court-appointed attorney, a $68 state cost fee and a $60 crime victim’s rights fee.

He now plans to attend Robert Morris University in Illinois after losing his basketball scholarship from CMU in July. He will be eligible to play at Robert Morris, a private institution based in Chicago with locations in other parts of the state.

Attorney William Shirley, who represented Hardiman, urged Trial Judge Mark Duthie to keep the punishment light and to consider the fact that RMU will be starting its fall term very soon.

He argued that because alcohol played a role in Hardiman’s decision-making, and because he has no criminal history, he should not receive too strict of a sentence.

“He’s a very nice young man, who did a very dumb thing in this situation,” he said. “He plans to still have an opportunity to get an education.”

Isabella County Prosecutor Larry Burdick said his office was originally hoping to have Hardiman placed on probation.

However, Duthie threw the idea out, citing how transferring probation supervision to a different state such as Illinois would be too difficult.

“We would have preferred he also be placed on probation for a period of time, but I understand he is enrolled to start school in Chicago,” Burdick said.

Last season, Hardiman averaged 9.7 points per game in 28 starts. He also logged 4.9 rebounds per game and a total of 45 steals.

He is one of five players to leave the team this offseason, along with Adrian Hunter, Lawrence Bridges, William Eddie III and Jeremy Allen.

The men’s basketball team’s first exhibition game is Nov. 1 against Marygrove.


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