The Beatles are overrated, enough said

The Beatles suck.

How can a band who stopped playing live shows in 1966 and started making just studio albums be ‘the greatest band ever’?

Nothing is more annoying than somebody trying to convince me The Beatles revolutionized music and, without them, we would not have (insert band here).

That argument is weak and false.

I wish this statement was true because, if it was, we wouldn’t have pop sensations Britney Spears, T-Pain or American Idol.

The Backstreet Boys were revolutionary. But they sucked, too.

And don’t even attempt to sell me on fact The Beatles were about love and world peace.

John Lennon and the rest of the band preached love and tolerance, yet hatred and jealousy among band members tore them apart.

The Beatles supposedly quit playing live shows because crowds were getting out of control?

Unruly concertgoers never made The Who, The Clash or AC/DC hang up what they did best.

But you know what bothers me the most? The fifth Beatle no one talks about.

Wait, there is a fifth Beatle?

Yes, George Martin.

Who’s George Martin?

He is the greatest Beatle (if there is such a thing) and he is to The Beatles what Rick Ruben is to Metallica, The Beastie Boys, Jay-Z, Weezer and every other band he has had his hands on. But you know so much about music, you probably already knew that.

Martin is responsible for the making of every Beatles album except for one. Without him, The Beatles would still be in a basement doing drugs and trying to make albums.

The George Martin Band would have been a better fitting name than The Beatles.

But someone will still argue George Harrison was the best Beatle because he was an amazing guitarist or Lennon was the best because of his lyrics. The problem is they may be the best Beatles to some, but they aren’t the best at what they did.

Take, for example, my favorite Beatles song, ‘Hey Jude,’ and compare it to Wilson Pickett’s version. Listen to how much more emotion and energy comes through in the lyrics and guitar.

It should also be noted guitarist Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Band sat in on the studio session of this song. He also is ranked second on Rolling Stones list of 100 great guitarist of all time. George Harrison is ranked 21st.

Sure, they made some good music, but it was not because they were the best at what they do.

Jimi Hendrix had more talent in his left hand than the Fab Four combined.

Apparently none of this matters though. For some reason, people still buy into the hype of Beatlemania.


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