Graduation plans need to be redone

I am very concerned about CMU’s 2010 May graduation plans this year. The commencement has two major flaws that should concern everyone participating.

First, they are combining what is normally three ceremonies into one large ceremony. All undergraduate and master’s degree students will graduate in one outdoor ceremony at 2 p.m., rain or shine. Who knows if it will be cold, cool, warm, or hot?

My graduation was on a day when it poured, but it didn’t matter because we were indoors. My daughter has to ask her three grandparents to plan to attend an outdoor ceremony. The grandparents have watched all of their grandchildren walk across the stage but, unless this event is moved indoors, it is unlikely they will make the 2.3-hour drive north to see her graduate.

My mom now uses a wheelchair and asking the three of these 80-year-old proud grandparents to sit outside regardless of weather for what could turn out to be a marathon-type three- or four-hour event is pretty much out of the question. I suspect a lot of grandparents may have to miss a very important event in the life of their grandchild.

I have suggested to Interim President Kathy Wilbur that other plans need to be made even if it means renting a site off-campus.

I am concerned that this could turn into a disaster if the weather is anything but perfect, and that is not fair to the students who have worked hard to get to this point and to the families that have sacrificed and supported them. I believe the university owes the students and their families more than this.

John W. Husk Sterling Heights resident