Campus Conservatives' letter from last Friday contained inaccuracies

On Friday, Central Michigan Life published a letter to the editor allegedly from “Campus Conservatives Board of Trustees.”

While the authenticity of Campus Conservatives’ authorship is still under investigation, one thing is clear — there was a severe failure to check the accuracy of the claims made in that letter. Specifically, there were three misstatements directed at either myself or the College Republicans. I would now like to publicly correct those misstatements.

First, I never harassed any candidates or media outlets concerning Campus Conservatives’ gubernatorial debate.

Second, I never threatened to protest the debate, in fact, I even confirmed this to the president of Campus Conservatives (Bryant Greiner) the week before the debate was supposed to take place.

Third, the College Republicans have not volunteered for gubernatorial candidate Mike Bouchard, and have in no way been connected to his campaign any more than the other gubernatorial campaigns.

Nathan Inks College Republicans chairman and CM Life columnist