LETTER: A response to McNeely's letter from Monday

On Monday, Colleen McNeely of the Student Government Association decided to overstep her bounds as a student representative and released confidential information from SGA offices in order to sway the outcome of this election.

As the information divulged is not publicly available, the Evan for President campaign has filed a FERPA complaint against SGA, because students should not have to worry about being publicly attacked by their own representatives.

It is unfortunate that those in power at SGA find it necessary to attack students and CM Life in order to win an election they are losing.

We know SGA is flawed. We know SGA represents their own interests, and not the interests of all CMU students.

That’s why they accepted over $14,000 in bonuses from the administration and caved when it came to tailgate last year.

And that’s what we’re trying to change.

Our opponents have a right to support being paid by the administration.

We happen to believe that student government should be an independent student voice.

Just like CM Life is not run by the administration, so should SGA work toward student interests, not their own.

But no one should fear being called out in the press or otherwise because they disagree with SGA.

This campaign should be about issues, not personal attacks. And the fact of the issue is, we can’t keep voting for more of the same.

We need new leadership in SGA. I know that when students are given the facts, they will choose the candidate that best represents them.

Ben Lazarus Spokesman, Evan for President Warren freshman