Administration should take pay cut during CMU budget crunch

I am writing in regard to the recent salaries awarded to the University President and the new Dean of the Medical College.

It is hard to believe that a dean of a specific college of the university will be making a total of $35,000 more than the president of the university in base salary.

I do not believe that a dean’s salary should exceed that of the presidents.

Taking other medical school dean salaries into consideration should not have been done.

It should have been what the university can afford.

The salary of President Ross is far too high of an amount of money.

Why is it that the six-letter word “interim” can cause a pay decrease of nearly $150,000?

Kathy Wilbur did a much more than adequate job for the university in the time she served, and she did it on nearly half the salary of President Ross.

The university seems to be complaining that they are going to be losing money because of all of the government cutbacks.

If they were to eliminate the outrageous bonus amounts (maximum $70,000 for President Ross, and a maximum of $150,000 for Yonder), and somehow create a lesser salary amount for the faculty, it would help.

If the university truly wants to help its students with fiscal management and the cost of college, they would come up with a way to help keep tuition at lower rates.

One of these solutions could be to lessen the salaries of the administration of the university.

Tanner M. Parmentier Commerce Township Junior