Agnello defends his reasons for not attending SGA debate

My decision not to attend the Student Government Association debate last night was due to the fact that the event would be moderated by the SGA Elections Committee.

Appointed by our opponents, the SGA Elections Committee is a biased party, prejudiced against my candidacy.

The co-chair of the committee has even engaged in harassing my supporters and campaigning for our opponents.

Attending the debate would only justify this unfair behavior.

Students deserve a debate and election run by a neutral party, not SGA politicians helping to elect their friends.

Our opponents have stated SGA stipends are not funded through tuition dollars, but rather private donors.

The fact of the matter is evidence has been obtained from the Dean of Students proving all SGA bonuses are paid through the general fund - money that comes from the cash-strapped students and taxpayers.

We shouldn’t have to question whether SGA works for us or the administration.

Unfortunately, what happened last year with “FAILGATE,” many have to assume the latter.

When ESPN Magazine is quoted as saying, “What they’re doing at Central Michigan should be investigated by Congress,” it looks bad for CMU and it looks bad for our student government.

I am confident that when students take a look at which candidate really represents them, and their interests, they will make the right choice next week.

Evan Agnello

Troy junior