CMU Faculty Association welcomes back George Ross

On behalf of the more than 630 members of the Central Michigan University Faculty Association, I want to welcome President George Ross back to campus.

We all recognize the economic and political challenges facing our campus, state and nation.

We hope that President Ross can provide the stable leadership the campus needs in order to chart the immediate and long term future for CMU.

Over its 40-year history representing a diverse faculty of scholars, teachers, artists, coaches, librarians, and counselors, the Faculty Association has built a foundation of mutual respect and collaboration with the administration.

We are committed to continuing this culture of cooperation so as to ensure a bright future for the students, faculty, and staff at CMU.

We are hopeful that we can build a strong relationship with President Ross and his administration to assist in designing constructive ways to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

So along with the entire campus, the CMU Faculty Association wishes to welcome back President Ross and his family upon their return to the Mount Pleasant community.

Timothy Brannan, President CMU Faculty Association