Crespy starts off forums for CBA dean opening

Charles Crespy says engaging students in the classroom should be a top priority  to ensure student success.

“I don’t fancy myself an entertainer,” the College of Business Administration dean candidate said at a forum for the position on Monday.

Finding ways to engage students in the classroom is needed for the college to be looked at more creatively, he said.

The ideas Crespy had of innovative and updated methods for teaching drew interest.

“I’m at a point where I’m sort of conflicted about the role of what they (students) do off-site verses what they do face to face ... I’m finding that students just aren’t reading, particularly undergraduates. I’d like to see that be part of what we emphasize,” said Holton Wilson, professor of Marketing and Hospitality Services Administration.

Professors now have the ability to teach classes through online programs, but there is a fear quality and effectiveness will suffer, Wilson said.

“I do believe there’s a demand for a certain quantum of education interaction and for lack of a better word, entertainment,” Crespy said. “I believe the bar is set higher to get students attention.”

Crespy’s desire to apply for the CBA dean position at Central Michigan University stemmed from faculty members at the university.

Crespy, who is friends with three CMU employees, said they enjoy working here, which made him interested in the job.

Out of all the schools Crespy has worked he said the universities like his former employer, Miami University, are the most enjoyable because they know their strengths and continue to be successful.

He said CMU is similar to MU in how it has undergraduate education as a main focus.

Some audience members said they want a CBA dean who is approachable and will listen.

“I personally would like to see a dean who listens and hears," Wilson said. "We’ve had some that don’t."

Also, interaction between the dean and other members of the university is  important, attendees said.

“I know a lot of our students come in and say ‘I don’t even know what our dean looks like’ and I think it’s important … that the dean be engaged with the students,” said Linda McClain, executive secretary for CBA student services.

Three more candidates for the position will hold forums this week. The next forum features candidate Gary Koppenhaver and is from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. Wednesday in Grawn Hall’s Pierpont Auditorium


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