Football tailgate needs more restrooms

I just wanted to make mention of yet another CMU football tailgate that has failed to impress.

Setting aside the rules that were put in place prior to last season, as well as the rather cold temperatures for mid-April, my real complaint here is the lack of restrooms on Saturday.

While I found it funny that the police were making students turn their music down in the middle of a parking lot with maybe 30 cars, there was nothing funny about four port-a-potties and huge lines in front of each one.

I thought that, perhaps, I had stumbled upon the construction site outside of Rose Arena.

Four port-a-potties? Four?

I mean, I know the new regulations put a cap on the amount of alcohol allowed into tailgate, but that doesn’t mean intoxicated (and non-intoxicated) students aren’t going to have to use the restrooms.

I waited in line for almost 30 minutes to use one of the four restrooms available to me, and heard the majority of the students complaining.

The tailgate was already lame with continuation of the new rules, as well as the bitter weather; however, I feel those in charge of the tailgate could have at least planned a bit better, in terms of available restrooms for tailgaters.

Maybe they’ll get it right by fall. Then again, I’ll be graduated by then, and have this ”failgate” as a lasting memory of my final student tailgate at CMU.

Matthew DeVries

Saginaw senior