Letter to the Editor: Printing quotas are not the right choice

Our school’s new implementation of the new inconvenient printing quotas are comical-grinning and absurdity being the teeth in this photo.

We rack-up thousands upon thousands of dollars in student loans to cover tuition; ha, don’t even get me started on the ridiculous coin students across this country submissively push across the table to be oh-so-lucky to receive that thin paper diploma.

So, instead of huffing and puffing about college credit costs, let us tackle a more “local” problem, eh?

How does this university justify putting some sort of iron fist on the amount of Microsoft Word documents students can print off?

I just don’t get it. I’m not allowed to print more than “ten dollars” worth of paper — but you enjoy your $400,000 salary, George Ross.

It is important for the student body to voice their opinion on issues, especially one that directly hits us with a blow.

We all need to stop being such apathetic observers and let the university know our frustrations.

So how about it George-o pal, what do you say ol’ sport?

- Jack Buck

Grand Rapids senior