University faculty and administrators must aid in student learning, not obstruct

I usually don’t think twice where my tuition dollars go because I want to be in college to learn and grow as a person.

That thought process changes quickly when I am faced with closed doors from university officials in authoritative positions who seem to be out of reach for students.

Now before everyone gets his or her panties in a bunch, I want to make clear this is my observation based on my time here at CMU.

I guess what I am trying to say is please let me learn.

I came to CMU for the journalism program. This program fit me best in what I was looking for in the field I wanted to major in.

Now, I am questioning this decision. I feel I am losing out on the whole education experience.

In classes that require reporting on the university, participation from university officials can make or break many assignments, exercises and learning experiences.

I feel individuals are controlling who I can talk with. When I need someone for an interview, whether the story is for Central Michigan Life or for a classroom project I feel it is a major hassle and it is discouraging.

It has been increasingly difficult to speak to anyone in authority of departments on this campus.

However, I would be wrong to lump the university as a whole in this. But as a student if my education and learning experience is at risk, then I feel the whole of the university and myself are responsible to do something about it.

As a student, my first responsibility is academics before anything else. So let me learn. Let me meet with people without these huge hoops to jump through which compromise what I am learning in the classroom.

Let me learn without sending my questions in for review. Let me learn by meeting officials face to face in a timely matter. Treat me with the same respect you do professionals in my field.

I understand the workforce outside the education atmosphere has hoops to jump through, obstacles to overcome and sometimes people will not speak to you, but let me remind you I am not paying over $4,000 a semester in the workforce.

What do I have to do to have access to the public officials on this campus? I am not asking to CMU to make a special exemption for students to speak with officials. What I am asking of CMU is not to hinder learning for anyone on this campus.

Students should have the right as individuals to have questions answered, concerns addressed and the education process fulfilled to their expectations when paying for it.

I feel somewhere in the leadership of CMU they have become too concerned with the public face of this institution.

I feel this is distorting the message to students about being an environment of learning.