University needs to fully commit to energy conservation

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As a proud Central Michigan University Chippewa, I applaud the university for their efforts to become a sustainable university as well as their efforts to push students to recycle. But there are a few issues I would like to address about what the university has done.

Since the Education and Human Services Building has been open, it has created a beautiful picture on the CMU campus, but while being a “green” building it doesn’t act as one at times.

If a student were to walk by the EHS building at night they would notice that there are many lights and projectors left on in the building. This seems like the opposite of what the university is trying to accomplish. Isn’t the whole idea to reduce energy use in turn reducing costs?

With all these lights on it doesn’t seem that the University is truly reducing their energy consumption.

Throughout campus there are many buildings that have lights left on in them, that seem to be more than emergency lighting of course.

As a student who pushes being green as well as pushes people to recycle and be more sustainable on their own, all I am asking is for the University to take a look at the EHS building and turn those lights and projectors off. As well as turn off any lights that are not necessary in other buildings on campus.

Taylor Parmentier

Commerce senior