LETTER: 'Ryan's Rant' unprofessional

Although I feel that CM Life is a respectable university newspaper, I feel that “Ryan’s Rant” is a signal of unprofessionalism that negatively reflects itself upon the entire newspaper staff.

I believe that editorial opinions are a wonderful expression regarding topics that readers care about. However, I feel that the topics should be relevant and somewhat intellectually stimulating. Although somewhat relatable, I feel that the sloppiness of a fast food hamburger is not a topic that should be discussed in a newspaper whose target audience is a community of learners.

I have no problem with an opinion column that discusses relatable, entertaining opinions, but the opinions should be written in a more professional manner and should not pertain to irrelevant topics. Overall, I feel that a senior reporter at a well-respected university newspaper should not lower himself or herself to such arbitrary ranting when their writing skills could be put to a better and more professional use.

Kevin Harris

Sterling Heights senior