Michigan bans use of marijuana alternative K2

The chemical drug K2 is illegal in the state of Michigan starting today.

K2, an incense used as an alternative to marijuana, was banned yesterday after Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed it into law. The bill, initially sponsored by state Rep. Rick Jones, R- Grand Ledge, was approved by the state Senate and House.

Those who use or possess the drug face a 90-day misdemeanor charge.

Jones said the drug has found its way into common usage despite warnings against doing so.

"“It’s sold as incense and marked with a label saying not for human use, but people obviously figured out you can smoke it and get high,” Jones said.

The chemical, also referred to spice or genie, had a shorter but more intense high associated with it.

Jones said K2 has been responsible for hospitalizations all around the state, from Oakland County to Traverse City.

"“It’s been linked to schizophrenic behavior, hearts racing and seizures," he said.

Stores around Michigan are no longer allowed to sell K2 legally.

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