New recycle bins help push CMU past recycling goals for 2010

Central Michigan University successfully reached its goal in 2010 by recycling a total of 568.17 tons.

Director of Facilities Operations Jay Kahn said the 568.17 tons of recycled materials was generated from general recycling, department recycling and composting. The goal for last year was 560 tons.

“The breakdown is the general recycling, which goes to the material recycling facility, was 543.2 tons,” Kahn said. “Department recycling, which goes to Mid Michigan Industries, was 8.38 tons and composting was 16.59 tons.”

Flint senior Heather Curtis said she was happy to be involved in improving the recycling program as a whole and forwarding sustainability. She was part of the team that decided the original design of the recyclable bins; she also helped with placing the bins around campus.

“The new recycling bins have made great strides thus far and I am certain they will continue to make a positive impact on our campus,” Curtis said. “It is apparent that students are recognizing them and making an effort to support our recycling endeavors.”


The next big event for the recycling program is the upcoming Recyclemania Tournament which starts Sunday, Kahn said.

“The competition is getting ready to go,” he said. “That is what we are focused on right now.”

Other Michigan universities, including Michigan State University, Western Michigan University and Grand Valley State University, are scheduled to participate in the tournament.

RecycleMania is especially exciting this year with the addition of the new recycling bins, Curtis said. He hopes to see improvements in the quantity of material recycled in 2011 to keep the initiative progressive.

“CMU has the opportunity to become a well-known environmentally-friendly university,” Curtis said.