Union Township to develop plans for more walkable community, new sidewalks

Union Township is drafting plans to create more sidewalks throughout the township to create a more walkable community.

Plans for the sidewalks include placing them on a high, medium and low priority-based system, said Zoning Administrator Woody Woodruff.

The sidewalks will be placed in high-population areas such as schools, apartments and areas bordering the city of Mount Pleasant.

Union Township is waiting to receive data from Mount Pleasant Public Schools that will help to determine where to place sidewalks.

"If you don't have a good vision to begin with, it could be a melee," Woodruff said.

The township does not yet know where the money will come from to fund the project because it is in the early stages, Woodruff said.

Union used Mount Pleasant's city plan as a basis for continuity, Woodruff said.

Other business

A home occupation permit was approved by the Union Township Planning Commission for a salon at a residence at 456 S. Crawford Road.

The business will be a one-chair salon owned by Mary Conroy, who expects approximately 25 to 30 customers a week.

The building has yet to be built and will be a separate building from the home.

Wednesday night's meeting was also the last one for Commissioner Sarah Spencer-Noggle.

"I had a wonderful time, but I'm needed elsewhere," Spencer-Noggle said. "I have a young family and a small business that needs me"


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