WITH VIDEO: Student raises money for Special Olympics, gets unique haircut


In a world where Justin Bieber pays about $750 for a haircut, Alex Chouinard raised money by letting others give him one.

Chouinard, a Highland junior, said Central Michigan University Multicultural Advisers were looking for ways to raise money for the Special Olympics. As the MA for Woldt Hall, he said he wanted to have some fun with it.

Since he's known for having longer hair, he said he let his residents compete with charity to see if he would shave it all off.

"There were two buckets sitting in the lobby where people could donate their money for about three weeks," he said. "Whichever one raised more money I would do."

MA Gets Haircut from CMLifeVideo on Vimeo.

After the fundraiser ended, Chouinard put in another challenge to Woldt residents Gwinn sophomore Kelli Kovarik and Flushing junior Morgan Foshee. If they could raise $30, they would personally be given free reign to do whatever to his hair, and he would have to leave it for two weeks.

The two said they went door to door in Fabiano and raised the money. The largest donor was Richland freshman Benjamin Hoeksema.

Hoeksema said he met Chouinard through friends and now hangs out in his room often. Although he wanted to see the ladies give Chouinard a ridiculous look, Hoeksema said he mostly donated for the cause.

"My major is special education and my brother competes in the Special Olympics," he said. "So I do have a special interest in it."

The final tally of the donations was $11.56 to not shave, $30.25 to shave and $54.47 to let them do whatever to his hair. The total raised $96.28. Chouinard said he was pleased with the result, although a little nervous about his new hairdo.

"I might have to wear a hat for a while," he said.

A crowd of about 25 people gathered Monday night in the Woldt lobby to watch the haircut. Neither Kovarik or Foshee had ever done hair before, but Kovarik said they were excited to mess with Chouinard's shaggy hair. After contemplating on a mullet, a bald spot, and even a reverse bald spot, they made a ring around his head.

"We shaved everything but a little part that connected with his beard," Foshee said. "We gave him a headband."

Kyle Schwarting, a Grand Rapids junior, said the crowd had fun and laughed when big chunks of hair dropped off Chouinard's head. He said it was a good thing to do for charity, but his biggest laugh will come when the two share a class. Schwarting said he is now very excited to attend.

"I am looking forward to Wednesday's class just to see everybody's reaction," Schwarting said. "He looks ridiculous."


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