Bozeman pokes fun at students, recession, athletics

Chicago-based Comedian Kevin Bozeman both teased and entertained the audience members who attended his performance Friday.

Bozeman performed at 7 p.m. in the University Center Auditorium as part of the celebration of Black History Month.

The show started when Grant senior Ryan Lathrop opened for Bozeman.

"I am here to get you guys ready for the huge amount of swear words you are about to witness on stage tonight," Lathrop said.

Bozeman took the stage and started his showcase off by poking fun at Central Michigan University Athletics and the season they have been having so far.

Bozeman’s repertoire included a variety of different subjects.

“I am not the type of comedian who only talks about race,” Bozeman said. “I try to cover everything."

In the first half of the show, Bozeman talked about the recession and the impact it has had on the population. Also, he said the word “recession” is just a better word the government uses to make people feel better about the situation.

The second half of the event consists of pop culture references, politics and marriage.

Bozeman advised the audience to always consider the other side when participating in specific political and religious groups.

Some of the highlights of the show were when Bozeman made fun of audience members who walked in late during his skit.

Lincoln Park sophomore Jake McPartlin was one of the audience members the comedian jokingly acknowledged during his stand-up.

“Some of the jokes are really good,” McPartlin said. “He was the best comedian I have seen here. It was not only about race, he covered a lot”.

The audience members did not want the comedian to end the one-hour show when Bozeman hinted his time was running out.

"I think I have reached my contractual agreement," Bozeman said.

The comedian has frequently visited Michigan, but it was his first time in Mount Pleasant.

“This is my first time at Central Michigan,” Bozeman said. “It has been fun so far and I like it."

Stockbridge freshman Mike Clark said the performance was "really good."

“It was really cool coming out here for a free show and it is pretty nice," he said.

Program Board sponsored the event.